The SMB SOLAR MULTIBOARD protects you against accidents and your solar panels from damage during all installation, maintenance and cleaning work.



The operation of the SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD

Basically prohibit manufacturers of solar modules from entering the modules, because a point load so-called micro-cracks can cause the solar cell.

The result: The efficiency of the solar cells is reduced and there is a dramatic loss of performance.

The SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD distributes the weight of the fitter evenly throughout the solar module and prevents this point load.

The SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD makes working on solar modules safer

Roofing works are dangerous!
Due to its special surface structure, the SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD provides a stable platform on solar modules and reduces the risk of crashes significantly.

Perfect protection for you and your staff!

Areas of application for the SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD

  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning due to dirty solar modules
  • Module replacement due to defects or improper installation
  • Control of solar modules by infrared measurement and electric Lumineszensmessung for yield monitoring
  • Verification of mounting systems and solar cables


My aim in developing the SMB® Solar Multiboard was to enable solar panel installers to work in safety. The product also needed to be cost-effective and easy to handle. A real innovation for the solar panel industry. Sven Heidbüchel, developer & owner


Secure hold when working on photovoltaic systems through its non-slip surface structure, tested DIN 15130

Working time

Shortened working time because the individual solar modules do not have to be dismantled before

Cost cutting

Reduce costs because you need fewer personnel and the installation times are considerably lower

Safe working practices

The special surface structure of the SMB® Solar Multiboard provides a safe foothold on solar PV arrays – a great advantage when installing, cleaning and servicing solar panels.

Efficient, cost-cutting design

The SMB® Solar Multiboard is easy to handle and efficient to use, saving you time and money. Purchasing Solar Multiboards for your company represents a sustainable investment.

Product properties and sizes

As well as the safety aspect, the waterproof, UV-resistant SMB® Solar Multiboard is very lightweight but extremely rigid, making it practical to transport and easy to handle on solar installations.

SMB® Solar Multiboards are available in two sizes designed to fit solar panels. Special sizes are available on request.


Important features of the
SMB® Solar Multiboard

  • Lightweight but extremely rigid
  • Customisable length and width depending on PV panel size and installation site, available for fast delivery
  • UV-resistant, waterproof materials
  • Non-slip surface reduces the risk of falling even in wet weather (see test certificate)
  • Easy handling, practical to transport
  • A closed-cell polyethylene layer protects the glass surface of the solar panels
  • The backing material does not absorb moisture, so does not rot, does not allow the growth of fungus or mould, and is resistant to insects and vermin

The advantages of SMB® Solar Multiboard

  • Guaranteed fast delivery
  • Two standard sizes, special dimensions available on request
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • An innovation on the solar PV market
  • UV-resistant and waterproof
  • Saves time and money
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Test certificate for non-slip surface

Presentation area

At our company location, we have built a presentation area on specially created solar modules for you.
We look forward to an appointment with you.

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SMB® Solar Multiboard sales

Please contact us for more details on pricing and delivery terms. Special sizes are possible, but require minimum order and will have extended lead-time versus 5 days for standard products.

For installers, please inform us where you are located as we might already have a reseller / distributor established in your region.

For resellers / distributors, we are searching for qualified partners around the world, so please get in touch with us for more information.

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